Re: First day of House January 6 Committee hearings

Dennis Brasky

... and given that the Democrats have never dared to seriously challenge the illegality of Republicans - 

The darling of US liberals, Hubert Humphrey, not only refused to stand up to McCarthy's witch hunt but actually joined with the far right Senator McCarran to co-sponsor a bill in 1950 that among other things, granted the President emergency powers to intern “potential subversives” in concentration camps;
Nixon's 18 months of a secret bombing of a neutral nation in 1968 - 69 (Cambodia);
Reagan/Bush Sr's Iran-Contra doubly impeachable scandal in 1986; and 
W Bush/Cheney's illegal war against Iraq based upon the lies of WMDs, alleged and never proven Iraqi sponsorship of al-Qaeda, and 200,000 dead civilians - 

what makes anyone even remotely serious about expecting a strong Democratic response to Trump's treason - especially after it has taken the not-too-courageous Biden administration including its wimpy Attorney General Garland 15 months to even start a case? Can any observer of US politics honestly doubt that if the protesters on January 6 were leftists or Black Lives Matter activists, at least half would have been shot on the spot and the other half would have been imprisoned where they would still be rotting today???

On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 12:59 PM John Reimann <1999wildcat@...> wrote:
The first day of public hearings of the House committee on January 6 released some new information, went over some old but still shocking other information, and seems intent to cover up still more information. All in all, its intent in part is to remind the general public of the extreme danger of what really happened and why. But will it accomplish its goals?

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