Re: What Marxmail has always been

John A Imani

Andrew Stewart
Jun 6  

<<Louis said basically everyone who was mobilized by Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Bernie Sanders should have a concentrated effort to go get hired at Amazon to unionize their ghastly facilities.

<<We are currently living in the midst of a massive unionization drive that is quite unexpected, untethered to the labor aristocracy, and targeted at two industrial hubs...that epitomize the absolute worst aspects of the neoliberal transition from a manufacturing to service...Union drives of this sort have not been seen in generations and are quite extraordinary, led by dedicated, disciplined radical...

<<I have not seen any serious discussion (JAI:  On Marxmail) of coordinated solidarity protests or campaigns in support of these extremely brave union organizers.

<<What would Louis have wanted? To see this list be helping build these solidarity actions and campaigns.>>



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