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Michael Meeropol

I think that starting with Stalin, the "last four" were pretty much full time revolutionaries --- their class origins obviously did not interfere with their commitments --- and I wonder what relevance it might have had compared to their concrete revolutionary experiences ...

Lenin seems to be closer to Marx than to Stalin in terms of his life's work --- he was an intellectual for decades before he "got his chance" in 1917 (wasn't Development of Capitalism in Russia written in 1899?) ---

Mao, Che and Fidel became full time revolutionaries at very young ages --- CHe and Fidel actually "learned by doing" to become Marxist intellectuals --- perhaps Mao was also like that in terms of the development of his understanding ...

(Please don't think I am disrespecting intellectuals --- just suggesting that beginning with Stalin, their understanding was pretty much informed by concrete revolutionary practice ...)

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It’s quite ironic to consider the nuances of this circular firing squad juxtaposed again the history of the revolutionary Marxist movement (such as it is). While Marxism valorizes the working class, its major luminaries are pretty much all from the middle class.

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