Re: Ukraine War: Joint Statement of Socialist Tendency (Russia) and RCIT

Bobby MacVeety

Down with warmongers!

On Jun 4, 2022, at 10:00 AM, Matt Kelly <a.marxist@...> wrote:

You say:

* Defend the Ukraine! Defeat Russian imperialism! International popular solidarity with the Ukrainian national resistance – independent of any imperialist influence!
* Down with all imperialist powers – NATO and EU as well as Russia! In all conflicts between these powers, revolutionaries oppose both camps!

I get that you want to defend Ukraine against Russian imperialist aggression, but how do you separate that out practically, on the ground, from the support that the EU and NATO imperialists are giving Ukraine? What does "independent of any imperialist influence!" mean on the battlefield? Does that mean you only support units using 'Ukrainian' weapons? If Ukraine is subject to aggression, why can't they use any weapons at their disposal, including those supplied by other imperialist powers?

For me, the war in Ukraine has become a war of inter-imperialist rivalry and Ukraine a non-innocent pawn, so to call for defence of Ukraine becomes a call to support the EU and NATO.


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