Re: NYT: Russia’s Shrinking War

Farans Kalosar

Unfortunately AFAIK the breathless but anecdotal accounts of abysmal morale among the Russians, as presented in the "Western media," like the endlessly repeated assurances of Putin's imminent downfall and death from four or five different cancers as well as Parkinson's, are, as presented--like the "miracle" destruction of tanks and mortars--merely propaganda, even though there may be  quite a bit of truth in the stories. Ukraine still may have the possibility of repelling the new Russian offensive, but it is getting clearer that "Western" support may have a very short shelf-life, like the rest of Ukraine's war-fighting resources, so the victory, if there is to be one, will perhaps have to come very quickly.

I thought I caught a comment from an Azov combatant post-surrender of Mariupol, that sounded like a stab-in-the-back criticism of Zelensky--who is after all a Jew.  I've unfortunately lost the link..  Perhaps such conspiracy theory will take root widely in the event of any substantial concession of territory--a danger to the politics of Ukraine which, combined with deep recession, could dramatically reverse the fortunes of the neofascists, who currently may not be pulling that much weight in public opinion despite the continuing prestige of the Bandera cult.

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