All of a sudden, the US 'has not yet" decided to send troops into Ukraine. WTF?

Farans Kalosar

This Reuters piece unfortunately seems to confirm that the US is considering "boots on the ground" in Ukraine.  This is coming from Mark Milley--still, one supposes, the darling of "realistic" liberals who see in his kind a bulwark against the very possible Trumpist victory in the coming Congressional and state office elections and someone to rely on in the event of a military coup attempt.

I support Ukraine in their struggle against the Russian imperialist invasion (I doubt they are aware of my support and am tolerably certain that it makes very little difference)  but it is difficult to believe that the geniuses in the Pentagon and State Department will do any better with this just war than they have with so many unjust ones in the past.  They are bound to fuck it up, and any direct US involvement will bring the hammer of non-"Western" sentiment down on our necks at a time when the US is already very plausibly on the verge of failing as a nation.

See this from Reuters:

Milley is of course talking about sending detachments of troops to protect embassies as they re-open, but this seems like a very obvious subterfuge to float exactly the kind of war fever the phony "anti-imperialists" have been screaming about. There may be very little time left before this somanambulistic disaster gets out of bed and starts lurhing along--or the triumph of an old-fashioned Republican isolationist coalition takes over the dissolving remnants of what some still hysterically refer to as "our democracy."  If the Democrats think this will keep them in office, I fear they may be even more mistaken than usual.

If Biden floats some kind of shock-and-aw-shucks initiative between now and Novemn\ber, it won't work politically in my opinion and it will completely change the character of the war in a bad way that will gurarantee another expensive and intermnable debacle.  This would provide the perfect excuse to the quasi-fascist, neo isolationist anarchs of the all-new, all-crazy Republican Party.

If the US wants diplomatic missions on the ground in Ukraine, why not virtual ones staffed by Ukrainians?  Let the actual diplomats work and take meetings from abroad.

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