More Depth on Buffalo Shooter's Neofascism

Farans Kalosar

Son of a public employee and fan of the Bidens, Payton Gendron received his neofascist indoctrination over the Intertubes.  His father bought him a hunting rifle when he was sixteen but there was. as far as anyone knows now, no familial indoctrination into fascism. From an article in the Washington Post.

Gendron did not consider himself a true racist, he wrote in the messages, until 2020, when he began reading an anonymous Internet message board, 4chan, where users celebrate racist violence.

In June of last year, Gendron underwent a psychiatric evaluation after he said in an online high school class that he planned to commit “murder/suicide.” Gendron wrote that he was cleared after he told the evaluators he was joking to get out of class. “It was not a joke,” he said in the Discord messages. “I wrote that down because that’s what I was planning to do.

The W. Post article ritualistically decries "hate" in the abstract and discusses mental illness in a way that no doubt functions to place the emphasis on individual psychology rather than the social pervasiveness of ideology.  I suppose, given the context these are elements of what might metaphorically be considered a "frame," though I would prefer to call its constituents plain old topics of rhetoric, dogwhistles, or cliches that are part of an ideological rhetorical strategy.  Why multiply entities unnecessarily? 

NB: WaPo article also fails to mention the fact that in several places in his lengthy manifesto, Gendron identifies himself as a "fascist" or "Nazi."

If you really want to delve into Gendron's rhetoric, the thing can be downloaded as a PDF from  I downloaded it out of curiosity and because I wanted to verify that he really does identify himself as a fascist or Nazi.  I have no intention of reading the whole thing and plan to delete it, as it is quite a large file.

I note that G. gets all cutesy in the m. about being both left and right, which is IMO just redbrown obfuscation--as is also, I suspect, his invocation of depression, etc as a motive for the attack.  I suspect that is just a piece of leadfooted  cleverness intended to invoke a "liberal" topos, beneath which Gendron chuckles like a blood-soaked leprechaun.  Look at me--I'm not crazy, but the soyfolk will empathize with my youthful trauma.. How cleverly I have tricked them!

So clearly Gendron thinks he's a fascist and has numerous explicit connections to neofascist ideology.  This IMO supports the use of the term "fasicst" by John Reimann.

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