Re: Having Sex with Women is Gay--Republican Seer

Lily (Nao)

It is obvious that the current political situation is going to a big war in the following years. From rapid remilitarization of the Western countries to the aggressive and growing military power of Russia and China, rising tensions over Taiwan. It is impossible to deny the fact that events around it are far more priority rather to discussing some obscure except for some online subculture centered-people. Going to the topic of Sokal and others, who would remember this after now?

Moreover, you clearly believe in this affair uncritically: a) Sokal elected a non-peer-reviewed journal b) he received criticism from it but still not changed the article c) Derrida called him to debate on the importance of "scientific metaphor" functions in philosophy but Sokal refused for obvious reasons. In fact, Sokal made dishonest moves and attracted only people who have no interest in actually engaging and criticizing post-structuralist works and just learned some words like "deconstruction", etc. It is an example of not studying actual theory manifested in universities by bourgeoisie professors and just following some right-wing or dishonest criticism. Also, what do you mean by post-modernism ideology? Do you mean Lyotard? Maybe you mean some post-structuralist? Like who?

Similarly, like all common Americans, you are going to the topic of Trump and people like Fuentas. Can you elaborate seriously on how much clowns can affect even the electoral successes of Trump? How much do media persons actually affect voting except for some internet-centered youth? It is like discussing tv-shows for niche political figures with some cultist looks while the world is having other issues that socialists cannot address and spend time and time discussing some random morons online. If you want to follow right-wing cults maybe it is more obvious to talk about various evangelist congregations who are far more dangerous forces using GOP as a platform with a real number of followers and not random people online.

I would rather indeed forbid other topics except coming potential war, Ukraine and it can influence politics in near future, to be fair :) I don't see reasons to engage in other things mostly due to the importance of current events.


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