Re: Interview with a Ukrainian Socialist serving at the Joint Force Operation (JFO)

Lily (Nao)

Thank for your comment.

I am mostly looking and sitting in telegram with sometimes trying to get info from Discord OSINT communities.

Situation is a big fog of war with both sides downplaying damage and their real and initial goals. It is why I recommend to read my other interview with Ingmar

However, consider following. While Northern parts and Kiev part was a mostly failed effort of Russian offense. South part of campaign was a huge gain with using little forces Russia had. Mariupol and Kherson were taken with less significant effort ensuring a big corridor from Crimea to Eastern parts. Right now Arestovich tries to curb and downplay as usual such failures by saying of "small" Russian gains. While Blitzkrieg was a failure it is a still big gains with several important industrial and shipping areas. 


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