Re: Racist murders in Buffalo: A warning to be taken seriously

Farans Kalosar

I still have reservations about the appropriateness of the pointing to the alleged rise of fascism as the great danger "we" are facing.  The issue is the assumption by most proclaimed anti-fascists that the right-wing surge will result in a truly coherent political regime. It seems clear that Trumpism is not only not a coherent body of policies that can support a really dynamic organization, but a consortium of manipulative narcissists who seek to break down the very fabric of social governance itself.

If we look at Putin, we can see that his nearest approach to historical fascism is the attempt to reconstitute the Russian Empire, which seems bound for failure, however much misery it may create.  Is Putin really a fascist--and Ukraine his Ethiopia--or is he only only a mafioso in comic-opera disguise? To my mind, the social disintegration of the Russian Federation is as likely a result of his failed project as the obvious impossibility of reconstituting the full Russian Empire--although the very idea of a Russian Federation and a Russian People is imperialist in and of itself.  

The perception of evil IMO is an unreliable guide to a course of action under the high-stress conditions of social warfare.

But to what extent does this alter or invalidate the diagnosis of fascism?  Some sort of tyrannical "regime," however incompetent in the sense of basic governance, is clearly possible--and it may make little difference to the lives of the people under its control that it is incompetent in all but corruption and the national syndication of organized crime.  The state terror that arises mayt be imperfect, but some asshole wearing a swastica is quite likely to kill many of "us" before it's over.

I can't regard this as a settled question, but am greatly interested in your developing thoughts on this subject and in general am squarely on your side.  

The unanswered question, IMO, amid all the ritualistic position-mongering and comradely ducking and bowing here, is how the "f-word" can lead to a course of action that "we" can  help implement.

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