Racist murders in Buffalo: A warning to be taken seriously

John Reimann

  • Rise in racist murders
  • Rise in racism and fascism among police and in military
  • the longer term serious danger
  • The disastrous role of the leaders of the NGO's and the unions
  • The alternative
'“This was pure evil,” said Erie County Sheriff, John Garcia about the racist murders at the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, NY. His widely quoted statement is a cover up for the real crisis US society faces. It puts that event on a purely personal level – one “evil” individual. The real issue, however, is not some “evil” individuals. In fact, it is even far beyond the increase in the number of hate crimes (to 7, 759 in 2020, an increase by nearly 470 from 2019).

'The great majority of these crimes may be carried out by individuals, but these individuals swim in a sea of fascist violence that is on the rise around the world.'

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