Re: Having Sex with Women is Gay--Republican Seer

Farans Kalosar

Sheer whataboutery..  Next time, do mention the baby seals--eh?

This is particularly obvious since your vague assertions about the "next big war" lack foundation and assume a case that you should IMO make, however briefly, before alluding to it. What exactly do you mean?  You are inviting otheres to respond to a critique that you have not even outlined so that you will have something to react against.

The intellectual disease of *ick Fuentes--a sense of irony so deadened by narcissism and the rejection of fact that it no longer has any sense of its own ridiculousness--was manifested in the universities long ago by the rise to power of ":theory" (mostly deconstructionism), which is so self-parodic to begin with that it accepts obvious, indeed crude, parody (Sokal) as a "contribution."  This has now filtered down as a kind of folk meme to the Republican masses--or has spontaneously co-generated in the general climate of the postmodern ideology that has become the last refuge of capitalism

These clowns live in a continual state of intellectual excitement as manifested by their ability to say the kinds of things that Fuentes and Trump say continually and that are accepted in a kind of mystical ecstasy by their followers.  This is an important subject, albeit one that few are addressing.

Again, what "big war" are you talking about particularly, and why should it be forbidden to discuss anything else?

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