Re: Ukraine Needs a Negotiated Peace Because Everyone Will Lose This War of Attrition | Jeffrey D. Sachs | Common Dreams

Lily (Nao)

yes and no

Usually, Russia is using combined artillery barrage attacks with some probing attacks which cause a lot of own casualties but also checks enemies' defense before making flattening of area. Russia is using the very mobile offensive-driven style of operation which on one hand allows to certainly make the enemy to behave reactive, not proactive on the other hand causes a reckless number of casualties. However, it also results in a high number of civilian casualties and quite a lot of inaccurate strikes.

However, there are also precise strikes from strategic bombers, etc. Still, it does not exclude recent big losses near Belogorlovka with an attempt to cross a river several times.

I would say that the West underestimate the Russian military paradigm by ignoring constant pocket formation with surrounding and cutting UA forces troops, isolating some of them, and methodically striking them into the ground.


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