Re: Ukraine Needs a Negotiated Peace Because Everyone Will Lose This War of Attrition | Jeffrey D. Sachs | Common Dreams

Lily (Nao)

Sachs is a political corpse walking and spewing nonsense from his mouth and trying to cover his past sins with "peace talks" with quite pro-Russian camp sentiment.

Let's go following:

1) Sachs was an important bureaucrat forcing neoliberal reforms which caused the major point of social revanche which was transformed by putinista into national expensist totalitarian politics.

2) Neoliberals and West, in general, were fine with the Gendarme of Eurasia killing Syrians and the people of the MENA by doze of thousands. However, when Putin dared to attack them Western hypocrites suddenly showed their crocodile tears
3) Of course it is still bull crap. They don't like Putin killing the Western sphere of influence but if Putin would go to somewhere like C.Asia or start having issues with China. Sachs and others would gladly run for importance to be pragmatic in defending democracy. Even this text reads like: "Look, NATO just gave this lunatic Ukraine we have other business to do." What does he mean by attrition? of course that west is and already sending **to much** weapons to curb Russia while not focusing on other spheres (weapons are weapons they need to be somewhere, if not Russia guess where).

Going with 3 it is not an accident that Sachs refers to falling of Biden's support and fear of Trump. He knows that GOP or others would try another round in some time to negotiate with Russia not being so close to China.

So I think it is just important to consider who speaks about peace and why.

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