Re: Another outlet for Russian Dissent

Lily (Nao)

I would add to Michael's reply.

For sure Kagarlitsky for now presents himself as a person against war and Putin's invasion. No doubt going with war support is a political suicide for any opposition in Russia.

Nevertheless, Kagarlitsky is known for his red-brown and totally unprincipled politics.

1) He at some time staged Strelkov-Girkin who represented the most right-wing and fascistic element of Putin's regime. Strelkov used the platform by Rabkor and Boris to promote his lunatic revanchist-vatnik fantasies about old Russian glory in 2014-15. To put into perspective, even wage pro-Russian wage earning-stalinists and patriots like Starikov consider Strelkov be an insane extremist.
2) He used to try to make Russian leftist collaborate with far-right Rodina party during pension reforms. He presented this platform as a totally "apolitical" or "opposition' while hosting representatives from the most reactionary wing of Russian expansionism.

3) He explicitly defends Russian integrity like Kuril Islands going even to not just Stalinists like OKP but also Strelkov-Malofeev politicians.

4) Even now his position is nothing to do with Ukrainian self-determination and the right for self-defense.

In my opinion, it is very unfortunate that RSM and other centrist forces (I exclude IMT who is definitely just pro-Russian among "trotskyites") while defending Ukraine right to resistance fall from pro-western opportunism to pro-Russian opportunism and not "cancel" Kagarlitsky for his long-standing red-brown politics.



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