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hari kumar

I would agree with both Cort and with Lou - on this assessment of Prashad..
There are other sections of the left that are - shall we say sub-optimal. 
Although there has been an evolution. I noticed for example a distinct shift in tone from Doug Henwood's first interview on this matter with the Nation editor around January 16th; both somewhat scathing about anti-Putinites - to a distinctly less scathing tone in the recent interview with Levien. Who in my view rather poorly characterises the post-1991 changes inside Russia.
Anyway: Maybe - maybe not - of interest:

"We will not multiply the possible number of quotations from Lenin on this. However, the corollary is that characterising the war requires careful consideration of the character of the Russian state and its' current President – Vladimir Putin. Therefore we explicitly ask five questions:
(i) What is the class character of Russia and its President? ... p.3
(ii) How did Putin seal his Presidency in Chechnya? Cutting Putin's war teeth... p.10
(iii) What do the prior wars of the post 1991 Russian state Georgia, Syria - teach us about the current war? .... p.16
(iv) Can Putin be trusted when he claims he fights against fascism in Ukraine? p.19
(v) Finally what does the unfolding international situation hold? p. 22

Hari Kumar

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