Re: Effect of Ukraine war in Canada

hari kumar

Hi Ken et al:
This (below this line) links to the prior post about 'volunteers' for the Ukraine, and to your note here from the G&M.
"The Georgian Legion":

(Own report) – Former NATO special forces – including Germans – are in combat in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine on Ukraine’s side. This was reported by a US news portal. According to this information, over the weekend several western ex-elite soldiers experienced in close combat and counterterrorism are preparing to leave from Poland to join the war in Ukraine. Numerous others are reported to be standing by. The government in Kiev has meanwhile created the legal prerequisites by establishing an “international legion,” to ensure that soldiers of foreign nationalities entering the country will have regular combatant status. Observers consider that the voluntary engagement of former soldiers from the West will substitute, to a certain extent, for the deployment of regular NATO troops, which the military alliance does not want to send, to avoid an official engagement in a war with the nuclear power Russia. These methods are known, for example, from the 1980s Afghanistan war, also involving Bundeswehr soldiers. The “Georgian Legion” is currently a point of contact in Ukraine."

Hari Kumar

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