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Jerry Monaco

Paul Street in Counterpunch -

 Who should you oppose? All of the above. People of the West, fight your own capitalist-imperialist governments and social orders. People of Russia, resist your own capitalist-imperialist government and social order. People of the world: struggle against capitalism-imperialism, which is leading human civilization to literal ruin through war, poverty, and ecocide. When and where did we ever ask for all this dehumanizing madness and depravity? Do not lose sight of the real enemy: the ruling classes and their chaotic, parasitic, and exterminist world capitalist system, in whose darkening shadow we live.”

On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 6:33 PM hari kumar <hari6.kumar@...> wrote:

Dear Michael: 
I certainly (as always) respect your viewpoint. But perhaps you are just congenitally incapable of being Machievellian
But seriously, why would you think the USA has learnt that "the US overreach in Iraq and Afghanistan has created a great reluctance --- not the least among the US "warrior" class --- to use US military might to expand"?

I mean - where does the logic of imperial might enter into that? And do you really think that Biden-Pentagon-Wall St can be credited with for-going profit? 

I might suggest an alternate hypothesis - 'proof' will be for historians able finally to get at archives - after certainly both you and I can serve our rightful role as fodder for earthworms:
i) The Minsk Treaty was repetitively stalled, largely by Zelensky. I am unsure how much France & Germany tried to 'persuade' him - but I suspect they did try to do that.
ii) Perhaps the USA urged Z on, more than possible. or equally - perhaps the USA is not the only one who finds Zelensky and the fascist Western Ukraine factions easy to persuade. 
iii) The 8 years of waiting - was calculated to break Putin's nerve. It did. 
iv) Repetitively saying "The USA will not enter" - made it an inviting bear-trap for Putin.  
v) Putin walked into an inferno as - a war of invasion will stir a national unity as it did in Iraq (vs the USA) and Afghanistan (vs Russia).
vi) Even Germany came off the fence (as did Sweden) and now - one open question perhaps is whether having fallen into the trap - regime change inside the USSR will actually happen.
vii) I think it likely will not, I suspect that finally - a 'negotiated peace" will come about - and Ukraine will be 'neutralised'. But - at the expense of the NATO-USA-EU forces having tied a rope around Putin's Russia: militarily, and economically. 

Just for what it is worth - probably wrong... 
Anyway Michael - I do not think that imperialism can 'learn' in the way you suggest.  

Be well Michael, 


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