Re: DSA campism

hari kumar

Cort: yes correct. But the connection with the USA is even worse, *also* Biden and his crew - see at:
Citing: Chris Kaspar de Ploeg ‘Ukraine in the Crossfire”; Atlanta GA, 2017; at referenced ages;
"Throughout this next process as Bloomberg reported USA state presence – including then USA Vice-President Joe Biden and US ambassador Pyatt in Ukraine as: “Americans are highly visible in the Ukranian political process. The US Embassy in Kiev is a center of power, and Ukranian politicians openly talk of appointments and dismissals being vetted by US Ambassador Pyatt and even Vice-President Joe Biden”. 13 Three months after Yanukovich was ousted, Hunter Biden (son of the US vice-president) joined the board of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest gas producer. 14 Attacks on the Ukrainian economic independence of the EU and the USA were far more targeted at the industrialised Eastern part (the Russian) rather than at the agricultural Eastern (proWestern Polish) side. 15"


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