Re: Hasty notes - Ukrainians in Canada

hari kumar

Hi Ken:
I would add these to the Canadian Ukrainian reading list:
(1) On Chrystia Freedland
She is as you know - but others may not - the current deputy Prime Minister of Canada - who has been pretty vocal about voicing right-wing views on Ukraine for some time. She was vocal on the pro-Madian fascist (I use that term advisedly - as references by  See . Also see: 
(i)  an article in the Ottawa Citizen from 2017, at:
(ii) 'Freedland Knew her grandfather was editor of Nazi newspaper"; March 7, 2017. 
Admittedly I cannot get in to the site, to actually read the Globe & Mail one as it is subscription only but (i) public access. 
(2) Douglas Tottle 'Fraud, Famine and Fascism'; Toronto 1987 - which traces the journey from the Hearst Press to Harvard and upon which J.Arch Getty wrote in the LRB ( January 22, 1987): We might profitably wonder about the resurgence of the international famaine story just now. It seems to be part of a campaign by Ukrainian nationalists to promote the idea of a 'terror famine in the West..."  
Hari Kumar

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