Re: Donbass and Kosovo

hari kumar

Thanks - obviously in Putin's Russia at this time especially, these are brave people. 

In related news - it seems (some - not to exaggerate) Russian analysts and Russian TV personalities have been outspoken against Putin before they were shut down. (refs: )
Marxists are used to weighing global political-economic-historic factors. We in general, tend not to think about personal characteristics.  Largely we follow the thoughts expressed by Engels in his letter to Borgius (MIA). But individual factors in a leading personality obviously cannot be discounted, and nor did M or E.

But what can Putin gain by his acts of the last 24-48 hours? I am afraid I do not really see any tangible benefit per se.  Is it correct that he has become "distanced" and less 'aware' [See quote from that NYT article below]. I do not see the gain as yet. 

"During the pandemic, analysts had noticed a change in Mr. Putin — a man who isolated himself in a bubble of social distancing without parallel among Western leaders. In isolation, he appeared to become more aggrieved and more emotional, and increasingly spoke about his mission in stark historical terms. His public remarks descended ever deeper into distorted historiography as he spoke of the need to right perceived historical wrongs suffered by Russia over the centuries at the hands of the West." 

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