Klaus von Dohnanyi alleged late Feb that Zelensky ont too bothered about Donbass

hari kumar

I do see there are a lot of pointed fingers going on right now on this list. So I want to first be quite plain again and remind, that I do not support either Russian or USA-Western imperialism, in this current war-mongering in Europe.
I think I made that clear before several times. I had called the manoeuvering prior to the last couple of days a "'Danse Macabre'. http://ml-today.com/2022/02/11/imperialist-danse-macabre-over-the-peoples-of-ukraine/
A complicated dance, but a dance nonetheless."
And I had argued that Russia was an imperialist state, agreeing and citing with several others. http://ml-today.com/2022/02/06/theses-ukraine/

The point about this note is simply to remind about this interview that I had posted before (Feb 15   in response to Marv) where "a very canny old Social-Democrat fox" - Klaus von Dohnanyi - a cabinet member of Willi Brandt's Ostpolitiker.  It is in German but google translate handles it well enough, if you do not have a German relative in the house. 

[NB: It is visible minus any subscription, if you sign away the usual various matters. (If people need a pdf write to me off-line). 

I said previously that :"What I had completely missed - was what Dohnanyi points out:                                                                That actually - the loss of the Donbass area to Russia - would be in some ways seen as a relief to the fervently pro-fascistic East Ukraine leadership; and gain them a 'sympathy' into the bargain. I had  focused on the division of Ukraine into two parts; or else - a 'Finlandisation' ["neutralisation"]; - but had not seen this alternative".

Though things moved fast to a worse situation, we may still not at this time see a full-blown war. However the omens are sure not good. Nonetheless it maybe ultimately seen by all war-mongers on all 4 sides: USA, Russia, EU, and even rest-of-Ukraine - as acceptable at the end of the day. 

Yet this has all been a dangerous step by Russia and should not be minimised as such, at least in my view.
A full blown war has been brought closer to the edge of happening. Hari Kumar  

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