Re: [pen-l] Canada’s Alt-Right ‘Freedom’ Rage and the government answer to it

hari kumar

Dear Vladimiro G:
You make a good point, which is mirrored by those who have been in the center of Ottawa community responses to the convoyers. Here is a small snippet from an article, entitled: "The Battle of Billings Bridge". The full is at
Follows a snippet on the members of the convoy:
"Some on the Left have written off the convoy as a movement exclusively of small capitalists, owner-operators of their trucks, and far-right wing operatives with ties to extreme-right vigilante and white supremacist groups, all of them backed by wealthy donors. And that’s certainly true of those who have been able to camp there for weeks, as well as the architects (some of whom have set up a “war room” in a four-star hotel downtown).                                                                   But they’re a minority. The people I met were unemployed, or were just there for the weekends, and most working class. They gave no indication of being committed to right-wing principles but have clearly been swept up by the protests. They are being immersed in the far-right’s ideology, a vortex of conspiracy-ridden, often racist rhetoric blasted regularly from the stage set up right next to Parliament, as obliging police look on.                                                                             And many working class people are finding some reason to feel affinity for the protests. According to a poll conducted last week, 46 per cent of Canadians say they “may not agree with everything” the trucker convoy says or does, but the frustration of protesters is “legitimate and worthy” of sympathy.      While not everyone I met in downtown Ottawa is right-wing, what they all are is angry—pissed off at government policies, and furious at Justin Trudeau. And they’re not wrong to be." _____________________________End quote________________________

John Clarke's interview at Doug Henwood's radio show (that I referenced on Friday here) had similar points. In addition Clarke made the point that the longer the completely reactionary (fascist leaning) core was left there, un-disturbed by the police (who he called 'baby-sitters'), and the state and all its apparatuses; then the more that core is  able to become/became an organising, recruiting focus. Which is exactly what happened.

It is legitimate to ask: Was this state & police 'deliberate turning of a blind eye' - meant to create a situation of a crisis to enable passage of this measure? (Although the formal passage by a full parliament has not yet happened but seems more than likely if the NDP support it).
Hari Kumar

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