Re: EU chief Says Ukraine Not Likely To Join EU, NATO For 20 to 25 Years

hari kumar

Dear Marv:
I think you are on the money: "all the parties have all known they were not going to war".
Hence I called it a 'Danse Macabre'. A complicated dance, but a dance nonetheless.
A very interesting interview (at least in my view) with a very canny old Social-Democrat fox (he is over 90 I believe so i think I can say that safely) - Klaus von Dohnanyi. (no not the conductor - but his brother I think - anyway a cabinet member of Willi Brandt's Ostpolitiker stance).  It is in German but google translate handles it well enough, if you do not have a German relative in the house.
[NB: It is visible minus any subscription, if you sign away the usual various matters. (If people need a pdf write to me off-line). 

Measured against his interview statements, I think I got it roughly right in                                                                                                                                           At least as far as (i) No war likely yet - the emphasis being on yet (ii) Germany playing a fence sitting game vis--vis the new re-division of the world - USA, or China - or themselves-EU? (more or less until today mark you - see Schulz's statements post Moscow meeting & the article above) (iii) Zelensky and his predecessors constantly delaying at Minsk (iv) Pretensions of parts of Europe - to make themselves 'slightly free' of USA diktat.  

What I had completely missed - was what Dohnanyi points out:                                                                                               That actually the loss of the Donbass area to Russia - would be a relief to the fervently pro-fascistic East Ukraine leadership; and gain them a 'sympathy' into the bargain. I had  focused on the division of Ukraine into two parts; or else - a 'Finlandisation' ["neutralisation"]; - but had not seen this alternative. 

Anyway I still maintain that neither the USA, EU or Russia (as in: )

Cheers Hari Kumar

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