Re: The activist left and the truckers' convoy

hari kumar

Marv and Ken have been warning about the trucker minority based movement. 
This is a link to what i think is an excellent (albeit worrying) article on the broader implications - i.e. international right-wingers piling on.
"They may be a fringe minority, but that doesn’t mean you should (as Trudeau seems to be doing) downplay or dismiss them. For one, they have a lot of powerful supporters. The usual crowd of rightwing politicians in the US, including Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, have been cheering them on. They have also been getting millions of dollars in funding across crowdfunding sites from international donors.

“Donations from abroad are quite a common part of any large crowdfunding campaign,” Ciaran O’Connor, an expert on online extremism at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, told Politico. “But the scale of this one is unprecedented.”


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