Re: Will there be a "coup"?

Michael Meeropol

I think John and Farans are on the right track -- and I actually think some of this was foreshadowed way back in 1974 when Robert Heilbroner wrote a book called AN INQUIRY INTO THE HUMAN PROSPECT in which he speculated about environmental (including global warming) trends leading to the world opting for HIGHLY REPRESSIVE MILITARY STYLE governments to deal with the upcoming crises --- 

I think the military will in the end step in to "maintain order" --- the question is --- which wing of the ruling class will it support --- the story about the titans of capital approaching General Butler who surprised them by blowing the whistle is echoed in the use as a PROP by Trump of General Milley in Lafayette Park which led to General Milley's embarrassment and his commitment to NEVER let Trump use him again ....

Of course (and this is a cause for optimism) if the combination of the ruling class and the revulsion of the majority of the population against the Trumpists --- especially the wilingness of local (= state) leaders to literally kill hundreds of thousands of their fellow AMericans with COVID to support some ridiculous sense of "freedom" for a rather small minority  -- might finally lead to a (surprising) ballot box repudiation of Trumpism either in 2022 or 2024 --- that would make all these fears moot and we'll be back with fighting neo-liberalism as opposed to neo-fascism (!!) as the ruling class seeks to slough off the costs of fighting global warming on the rest of the world or the "lower orders" (= POC, immigrants, "essential" workers)

Contemplating the two alternative future scenarios, I would rather fight against neo-liberalism as we did under Bush II and Obama (too many dropped the ball in fighting Obama's policies -- mesmerized by the symbolism of a black President, I think ---) than against an American version of Orban or Bolsinaro or a "smarter" Trump ---

Just saying ....

On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 9:22 AM John Reimann <1999wildcat@...> wrote:
 Farans Kalosar raises some serious questions. I agree with his points about the unlikelihood of a fascist takeover. I think where we're headed - whether in 2024 or later - is more towards the "failed state" scenario, with some of the more rabid Republican-controlled individual states in near open rebellion against a Democratic-controlled federal government as one possibility. 

Especially in a political, economic or environmental crisis, that's what could tend to happen. In that event, the state could step in to impose "order". A situation similar to that in Northern Ireland in the 1970s could develop, with violence on both sides, police/military checkpoints through which people would have to pass just walking around the city, etc.

We should also remember that the top brass of the military really played a central role in holding back some of the more insane and anti-"democratic" tendencies of then president Trump. They made it clear that they would not obey any order that violated the US Constitution. If that's who we have to rely on to maintain US "democracy" then we are in very hard times indeed!

I There is no strong magnetic-like force holding society together so "things fall apart".

John Reimann


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