World Bank Report on INEQUALITY

Michael Meeropol

Dear Comrades --- when I was a "wet behind the ears" undergraduate at Cambridge University trying to shake off the anti-Marxism of my "traditional" undergraduate economics education in the US (it wasn't so much "anti" Marxist as acting as if Marxism didn't exist!) I was of course confronted by the long run increase in real wages in the capitalist world which seemed in stark contradiction to the "law of increasing misery" of the proletariat which was (I thought) a rock solid prediction of Marxian Economics ---

How to square that circle -- well, I figured (following my rudimentary at that time knowledge of Baran's THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF GROWTH) maybe the real "immiseration" is the interaction of advanced capitalist countries and the rest of the world due to imperialism ....

Well, there has been a lot of history since then but the starkness of this World Bank Report sure looks like the world is displaying a tremendous growth in inequality --- and lurking beyond the pandemic (which of course may be the first of many given the industrialization of agriculture) is global warming and its impacts.

SO here it is --

Solidarity -- fight back in any way we can --- MIKE

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