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Michael Meeropol

My Two cents on Steven's point --

The Trump movement is disorganized with lots of individuals joining it without any discipline or even ideology --- I guess that is a HELLUVA lot different from the organized Nazi and Fascist gangs BEFORE those groups took over government --- but what the TRUMPISTS have is a playbook created by the various GOvernors who are intent on making sure THEIR STATES don't allow the "great unwashed" (the multiracial coalition that will give the Dems majorities if permitted "free and fair elections" by the rules that prevailed back in 2020) to take power.  THough these Republicans (and the ruling class people who are supporting them --- I think it's fair to say the RULING CLASS is split on this issue) "KNOW" that the Dems are NOT at all a threat to "our system" they have created a monster that they now fear they cannot control --- and they DO fear even the incredibly mild forms of reform being pushed by the coalition of corporate and "progressive" Dems ....

THus, there is a potential organized leadership ready to use the Trumpist mobs as shock troops --- and therefore they must be feared and the rest of us have to organize to defend THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM ...

On Sun, Jan 2, 2022 at 6:06 PM Steven L. Robinson <srobin21@...> wrote:

Of course.  The appropriate terminology is the  “U.S. Constitutional system.”


Mark and others are quite right that we have heard such liberal hysteria before.  The question is whether the Trump movement or the movement he founded, has created a political context that is qualitatively different than what we have seen before. When Richard Nixon invoked  “backlash” in 1968 it was for his own narrow political purposes and for the most part was put away after the result was clinched. Now the backlash has gone from rhetoric to taking on a life of its own.  The Trump movement certainly LOOKS different than that which elected Nixon or Reagan.  The chaos and lack of discipline among the Trumpers, as seen on January 6, does suggest that perhaps there is less to movement than meets the eye.




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