Re: Freddie Deboer

Michael Meeropol

Dear Les --- I think the best way to moderate the list is to (gently if possible) remind people if they exceed the 5 posts per day limit AND if they forget (as I have in the past!) to clip all extraneous text, etc.

Obviously, if a troll shows up ban him/her --- but I haven't noticed any obvious violators of the "good citizenship" admonition on Marxmail at least not recently.

Solidarity to all --- gotta keep up the fight no matter what --


On Sun, Jan 2, 2022 at 2:20 PM Les Schaffer <les.schaffer@...> wrote:

i just checked. there are two threads related to Deboer, approximately 27 posts in all. only one of them advocates for deboer in some way. otherwise the list has responded with criticisms. I think Louis would like that. What Louis really wanted is good moderation of this list after he was gone. Suggestions?

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