Re: How Not to Cry "Fascist"

Michael Meeropol

How about the coup against Allende?

(and the ruling class might have feared REVOLUTION in Germany even if it was "unlikely" -- remember, the COMMUNIST vote INCREASED in 1932 and the NAZI vote DECLILNED in 1932 in Weimar -- who knew what the near future would bring?

(remember, elements of the ruling class tried to foment a military coup against Roosevelt in 1934 because of the New Deal and that was BEFORE Social Security and the Wagner Act were passed)

On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 10:35 AM Andrew Stewart <hasc.warrior.stew@...> wrote:

This also applied to Germany. There was no threat of a socialist revolution of any sort in the final days of the Weimar Republic, the Social Democrats were administering brutal austerity in service of the Versailles treaty regime while the Communists were deep into the Third Period lunacy. 

“… a commonplace understanding amongst Marxists and socialists continues to be that fascism is imposed to prevent socialist revolution.”

But how much of that “understanding” is fueled by a delusional analysis from a Communist International that was so high on its own bullshit that it horribly blundered and literally rolled out the red carpet for Hitler? I would say all of it. In almost every instance of 20th century fascism there was no threat of revolution. In Spain, the Republic’s major measures were land reform and progressive welfare measures.

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