Re: The Democrats' Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump

Charles Keener

I live in Virginia and followed the campaign closely.  I do not agree with the argument that the issue of parents and public schools was the decisive one.  Youngkin is a very wealthy corporate type who spent tens of millions if his own $$ flooding the airwaves
with misinformation and fearmongering about McAuliffe. He was on the air early and often and I believe successfully misled
and confused a large number of voters. It was, as McAuliffe stated, a "racist dog whistle" campaign. CRT is not taught in Virginia
public schools but Youngkin vowed to "ban it on day one." He ran ads featuring a far-right book burner who does want parents to censor what is taught and what is allowed in school libraries. Nobel laurate Toni Morrison is one of the authors whose works were
targeted. The RNC invested massively in Virginia as did almost every right-wing interest imaginable. All of that had a cumulative effect. Add to that the downward drag of Biden's abysmal poll numbers. Also, Virgina races have historically been won by the party not in the White House. McAuliffe was the one exception to that trend when he won in 2013. And he came closer than most to defying that trend again this year. Blaming his loss on a single correct statement, taken out of context endlessly by Youngkin, is simplistic and wrong in my view.


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