Re: The War Against Marxism: Reification and Revolution

hari kumar

Thank you for this. I have thought very similarly for a long time, and I am in fact writing on that now.
While this may not go down well, I think the reviewer does not go far enough. I would say invoking Lukacs - for example - makes the same error. Another fashionable problem is Perry Anderson and the doyennes of the New Left Review. Anderson only speaks to the already admitted into the magic circle of five-language speakers, and woe betide the pleb who does not understnd thier intoning. Not to say that Anderson;s books do not have some insights. 
Perhaps the book goes more into this, but the subtext - I believe anyway - is pretty clear. Namely a calculated attempt (largely successful) to take the heights of 'academe' to provide a counter-voice to Marxism. A frank Cold War sponsorship by agents (I use that term advisedly - the CIA) ensued - see for example: Frances Stonor Saunders 1999: ' Who Paid the Piper? The CIA & the Cultural World'; London Granta. Suddenly it was inadequate to see the world in material terms - the 'real' world. Suddenly 'Idealism' vs 'Materialism' - a la Engels and Lenin - were 'passe' and too 'crude'. 

Thanks, Hari

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