Re: Plan for the best.... prepare for the worst.... The latest issue of the Atlantic on Trump and his acolytes 2024

Michael Meeropol

I promise a much longer response to Andrew and Farans but right now I want to say ---

You guys are already giving up.  You are ASSUMING that the Republicans will take Congress and assuming that some TRUMPIE who isn't TRUMP will win in 2024 ---

Neither is a foregone conclusion --- In fact, I would bet it is MORE LIKELY that Trump will win the Republican nomination than not --- his followers worship him  --- no one else.  The Nazis and the Fascists (in Italy) may have put their "faith" in Hitler and Mussolini but they were a mass movement.  It someone had killed either Hitler or Mussolini before they came to power, the Nazi and Fascist movements would have persisited.

I DON'T THINK that's true for todays Trumpies --- they are not ideological and they are not disciplined --- they worship Trump for aq variety of reasons and would not transfer that worship to a Trump wannabe ...


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