Re: China

Michael Meeropol

ANECDOTE from over a decade ago about China --

A forty-something woman native of mainland CHina got a job teaching psychology at my college (now university) in Springfield, MA --

Her husband got a Ph D in political science in the US and ended up gettiing a tenured position at another local college --- Annie and I visited with them a few times --- they are extremely nice people -- who decided to in effect expatriate to the US and pursue academic careers.  They told us that virtually ALL of their friends who stayed in China became millionaires --- taking advantage of the opportunities that exists in post 1978 China for anyone with capabilities and skills (China was mostly a peasant country in the 1970s ....)

The "opening" really permitted almost anyone with skills and "drive" to become successful entrepreneurs IF THEY WANTED TO -- both DongXou (not exactly sure how to spell it) and TianJen wanted the academic life and as soon as the restrictions of "intellectuals" during the Cultural Revolution were lifted they went in that direction ...

I think anyone who thinks that just because a single party calling itself "communist" rules China that it isn't a capitalist country has serious blinders on --- There are MANY KINDS of capitalism -- China's is a centralized directed one --- Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were clearly capitalist (as was militarized Japan in the 1930s and during WW II) --- and clearly China is not as teroristically repressive as Nazi Germany (or even Fascist Italy??) --- it's just on the spectrum of capitalist countries towards highly authoritarian --- and the internet makes the repression easier than it was in Nazi Germany -- -which is why Nazi Germany "had to" be so terroristic towards its population ...

(My $.02)

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