Re: Medicare Sequester about to Kick In

Michael Meeropol

Back in the 1960s a brave Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Kunnes (think I spelled it right) took the floor at an AMA convention and accused the organization of deserving the more apt name of the "American MURDER Association" for opposing every piece of progressive legislation ever proposed by Congress (which of course included Medicare and Medicaid! -- but began with Truman's effort to expand social security to include medical care) ---

Not much has changed except the ability of high profile specialties to be even richer than they were in the 1960s --- Yes insurance companies and big pharma and giant hospital conglomerates have "redistributed" much of "doctors' profits" to them but the AMA has refused to unite with physicians who want a form of price controlled private practice (as in Canada) or a fully socialized system (as in Britain -- though that is fraying around the edges!)

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