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Michael Meeropol

The willingness of a CP publication to spend so much time wondering how Democrats can win reminds me that the US has always been an outlier in the "western Democracies" (and I guess I should include Japan as well) ---

Even though it's pretty weak tea, even the British Labor Party has claimed they were attempting to build socialism --- as has the Canadian NDP --- only in the US has there been a SINGLE capitalist party with two wings (at least till Trump!)

So the appropriate topic for this discussion group is the one Werner Sombart asked generations ago:  "WHY is there no socialism in America?"   I would guess that the high water of socialist politics (at the electoral level) in the US was in the period 1912 to 1920 --- (of course the unionization drive and the "popular front" era of the 1930s gave communists and socialists some very significant recognition -- with very little opportunity for real power).

What has kept even a rhetorical commitment to socialism out of public discourse in the US while those so-called "socialist' and "communist" parties are regular features of the political landscape in W. Europe (and even the most "democratic" of all Latin American countries, Chile up to the Pinochet coup)?

[hint -- I don't have an answer --- my guess has to do with the particularly virulent American style of racist politics!]

On Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 9:18 PM John Edmundson <johnedmundson4@...> wrote:
Does anyone else think a sentence like this, "The Democratic Party apparatus, grassroots progressive candidates, and the mass movements fighting for people’s needs" seems out of place in a Marxist discussion group?

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