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Gibbons Brian

I understand we work to advance the interests of the working class. I also understand that not all workers share or care about our message/work toward of a bona fide communist society that is of, by and the masses of the working class that ideally a large majority of workers will share w/ us.

One; we're still a ways off for being in that advantageous position. Two, there's a lot of members of the working class who hold a different personnel and world view at odds w/ "our program" and will actively work against it.

Given our bench isn't very deep and our resources dear I would focus on individuals and groups where gains can be made; and there are a lot of them. That said if critical race theory, vaccine and mask mandates, Marxist school boards, transgender whatever, rigged elections, global warming, that Black lives matter, that "essential workers" deserve union rights, a living wage etc etc etc is driving some into an apoplectic fit understand/admit that not all can be convinced, not all can be saved, and despite their class standing economically speaking their allegiance is not with their de facto class standing.

Now in my original email I provided a link to an article that drives home what we well know that there is a better understanding of class today and historically in other countries than here where our culture's focus skews toward individual rights rather than any shared or common good. That article also explains means that can be used to break thru that "it's my right" mentality and reach who I termed the chronically dense. 

I think its important to understand why that is as it is and I'm all for providing ammunition to those who want to work on ways to reach those (a significant plurality in this country) who advocate/vote against their own and our interests. 

But its as important given our numbers, time, and resources to pick our battles/fronts wisely. There are many who can be reached/accept our message and goals. Do they become revolutionaries. Probably not but they will support our campaigns/goals and throw their dice with us because they know we're honest, candid, and work our asses off for something greater than ourselves. 

Brian Gibbons 

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