Re: Your thoughts, please

Michael Meeropol

important question Mike -- those people who predicted you'd get sick and die ---- how do they react to you still being alive?

I would bet that some people who only READ about these facts just reject them as "fake news" but these people can SEE you are still alive --- I just hope that these facts before their eyes open their eyes ....

On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 6:12 AM Mike Kowalski <Kowalskimike@...> wrote:
I know a bunch of ant vaccination people here in West Michigan. Most of them are right wing nut jobs. I was vaccinated with Moderna when it first came out. Just got the booster shot. When I was first vaccinated three of these people told me I would be dead in six months. Well I am still alive. I know in my limited sphere, since the vaccine became available, that the people that got vaccinated didn’t get Covid, and a lot of people that didn’t get vaccinated did.

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