Re: The Biden Administration Kidnaps Venezuelan Diplomat: #FreeAlexSaab Now! #freealexsaab

Cort Greene

None of us and certainly not me on these lists have supported the extradition or called for it even though more are coming soon.

Sadly none of these people said anything when Venezuela and Colombia were involved in talking and working with one another when the foreign ministers ( Maduro and Santos at the time) started working with around the coup in Honduras, making sure the former president of Honduras who was overthrown could return to the country, that the OAS would welcome back Honduras into the fold and the status quo remained as is after the coup along with trade and other issues. 

And again not a word from any of these groups like Code Pink, PSL, WWP et all when several members of the FARC and ELN were extradited to Colombia from Venezuela years ago and in return Colombia extradition of supposed "drug lord" Walid Makled back to Venezuela, who was also wanted badly by Washington to face cocaine smuggling charges at the time

Many left wing groups in Venezuela especially groups from the January 23rd barrio and PCV questioned why this was happening to FARC members Guillermo Enrique Torres (aka Julián Conrado, or “The Singer”) and Joaquín Pérez Becerra – a Colombia-born media activist of the Unión Patriótica granted political asylum in Sweden in 2000.

What has been brought up are the many contradictions in the Saab story, the way it is being told/sold and I guess the moral of this story is if you are going to launder money don't do it through banks and groups in the US or countries in support of it. Saab started doing this and was also wanted in Colombia for actions in the early 2000-2010 for laundering for his own benefit and others for a decade before even having anything to do with making money in Venezuela.

But I still see Charles and the others have not spoken out about the repression against the workers, poor, women and left groups in Venezuela.

At least with Kevin Zeese before he died, I was able to have a few discussions about what was happening to groups in the APR ( he was at least somewhat sympathetic to their plight and hoped they did well in the elections last December), the tactics used and problems around the Embassy Protectors in DC and solidarity with the revolution.

3 days before his death he wrote a nice statement on an article on on the world economy on a Green list...

On Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 2:53 PM Charles Keener via <> wrote:
Again, neither Saab nor those opposing/reporting the criminal actions by the U.S. need to be faultless/blameless/perfect in order for one
to oppose his extradition to the U.S. as well as U.S. actions prior to that. I oppose deadly criminal U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and 
support efforts by that nation's leaders to circumvent those sanctions and obtain things needed by their citizens. The U.S. targeted Saab
precisely because he was working to defy their sanctions (imperialist bullying/coercion). The idea that the U.S. actually cares about the 
stated charges given what else has gone on in the U.S. is laughable. And it is not the place of the U.S. to police the entire world and the
citizens of other nations according to its own whims and animosities - any more than the U.S. has a right to imprison, torture and try Julian
Assange. Saab should be released and returned to Venezuela.  Supporting, defending , justifying, running interference for the 
actions of the U.S. empire does not serve justice in my opinion.


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