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Michael Meeropol

I know this sounds very pessimistic but from my perspective the issue is NOT whether Chinese workers and peasants can organize enough strength to overthrow "capitalism with Chinese characteristics" which I think is absolutely the best way to describe China -- but instead whether the CCP leadership will decide to seriously reform Chinese capitalism so it can make the transition to a sustainable economy --- for example to STOP building coal fired plants and start closing them down --- to make sure that all cars as electric sooner than later, etc. etc.   Given the amount of control that the CCP has over the Chinese economy --- can they square the circle (thread the needle, pick your cliche) allowing capitalists to get (and remain) filthy rich --- give the working class a high enough standard of living to not just "reproduce" them (a la Marx's "subsistence") but to permit them to thrive and be satisfied --- AND create a sustainable economy which can then be a model for the world as we attempt to stop global warming at 2 (2.5?) degrees celsius .... Big challenge -- The fact that the government has the power to tell the capitalists what to do (unlike in the US where it seems very unlikely that we the people will be able to force the government to "go green" --- of course it's worth a try to fight for that) make it at least conceivable that "capitalism with Chinese characteristics" will be able to find a way to a "green" -- "sustainable" -- version of capitalism.

By the way --- if that doesn't happen sooner rather than later, and there is no new socialist revolution in China, the world is doomed --- [or at least human civilization as we know it ...]

(sorry for the pessimism ...)

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I have commented as follows on this website (“awaiting moderation”):



Of course, the social system has its unique features, call it “state capitalism,” “capitalism with Chinese characteristics,” or whatever. John seems to think that the CCP’s hegemony serves to counter the country’s growing social inequality. 


 To recover their own leading role in the country’s evolution, the Chinese workers and peasants will have to contend with and ultimately overcome the autocratic, repressive opposition of the Chinese CP leadership and its capitalist allies.



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