Re: How the Taliban came to power — again. | Emile Schepers | Communist Party USA


This is, how shall I say, an extraordinary article!

The title is “How the Taliban came to power — again.” Nevertheless, it does not say A SINGLE WORD about the Taliban’s 20 years of struggle against the U.S. occupation!

Not only this. The whole “analysis” starts with the British in the 19th century and stops with 2001. And this despite a considerable length of more than 1,500 words!

How can such an absurd presentation be explained? Obviously, it is because the CPUSA – like many other Stalinist parties in the world – attempts to present the victory of the Taliban not as a result of their struggle against the U.S. occupation but rather as a conspiracy of Washington in order to bring their agents to power!

So much for dialectics and materialism in the outlook of Stalinism!

For those interested, here is a link to a pamphlet which criticizes such an approach of many leftists.

Afghanistan and the Left: Closet Social-Imperialism

A critique of reformist and centrist forces which are outraged about the Taliban’s victory against the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan

A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting, 24 September 2021

(for those who prefer to read it in Spanish language:



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