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Michael Meeropol

I find this article very interesting and informative (and depressing).   It raises the question of the "road(s) not taken" ---

Back in 1973, when domestic radicals (communists??) overthrew the King what could they have done differently so as not to provoke such a strong reaction from the rural populations?    

It appears both the Chinese and the Vietnamese (and the Cubans) by situating their movement among the rural population came to better understand them -- and therefore were able to work with them in the post revolutionary period (though remember, there was a pretty serious problem in the first round of (North) Vietnamese land reform in 1956).   The Afghans seemed to be attempting to imitate Stalin's treatment of the rural population during the push for collectivization but the Soviet military was obviously able to stifle whatever active resistance the peasants of Russia, Ukraine, and Byeolorussia put up whereas the urban based Afghanis were no match for the rural opposition and their American and Pakistani helpers.

The people of Afghanistan have paid a VERY HEAVY price for their strategic location and the ambitions of "great powers" in that region .... and unfortunartely, there is no positive end in sight.

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