Re: Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike? Jack Rasmus & Robert Reich

Dayne Goodwin

I agree with your evaluation of the gilets jaunes as a model.  Our basic problem is capitalism but i don't see any organization or movement with capacity for revolutionary solution in the near term.  If your prognosis of the near-term danger is sound maybe responding to that crisis will arouse not just a defense of the status quo ante but stimulate revolutionary social change.  Otherwise there are a variety of current progressive struggles that we should support and participate in, including labor struggles.  Successful struggles can be contagious.  I will be encouraged when labor unions are drawn into mass movements for transitional demands or non-reformist reforms.

On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 1:37 AM Farans Kalosar <fkalosar101@...> wrote:
People keep suggesting that something like the gilets jaunes is a great idea.  I disagree. The gilets jaunes is a weakly anarchist protest movement incorporating right-wing elements.  In French terms, this is one thing. But the big near-term danger in the US if and when the Republican Party gain a congressional majority and eventually the White House is the corruption. paralysis, and collapse of the national government.  In many ways, this political crisis has a US character that does not map one-to-one onto the French model. No ideologically incoherent, partly or largely red-brown protest movement will be capable of providing the organized, disciplined, and programmatic resistance necessary to deal with the coming collapse and also fill the vacuum left by the abandonment of governance.  Something more politically advanced is called for.   

What exactly is the moment "ripe" for? IMO the political situation in the US is one where we need to leap over the gilets jaunes moment in order to survive.

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