Re: Al Jazeera on a likely Trump victory in 2024

Michael Meeropol

Agree with comrade Farans --- 

If the strike wave is as positive a development as we think it is --- it seems to me that the creation of a NATIONAL STRIKE FUND for all the militant workers who need sustenance and even legal help should their strike be deemed "illegal" --- as for example many teachers' strikes would be --- would be a good way for liberals and (well off) leftists to put their money where their mouths are. 

I guess the issue would be which organizations would start such a fund.  I imagine individual unions have them and perhaps NURSES UNITED and the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS might join together to issue a call for a national strike fund ---

Just not sure who would be the people to contact to suggest launching such a fund ....

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 2:52 PM Farans Kalosar <fkalosar101@...> wrote:
The "totally united" left in '68 were IMO united mostly in opposition to the Vietnam war--an opposition kindled to some extent by the outrage of [white} male college students over the fact that some of their kind, when drafted, were getting killed in the war or otherwise (eventully) by the National Guard in demonstrations.  "How many kids did you kill today" IMO meant that as much as the "kids" murdered  at My Lai.

The left were NOT united in favor of socialism, IMO.  In fact, the so-called "counterculture" in many respects merely extended the traditional transcendental individualism of the American folk ideology to cover the Vietnam issue.  

I think the most hopeful political sign in the US right now is the current broad--and possibly ephemeral--wave of strike activity.  If this peters out or ends in more Sixties-style transcendentalism or Occupy-style non-organization, that would be very bad news.  Tucker Carlson is waiting--let's not go into that parlor again.


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