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Michael Meeropol

Thanks to comrade Weisberg for a challenging and thought-provoking intervention ---

I have some (hopefully brief) thoughts stimulated by the post:

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The commentary by Gellman sounds the warning alarm to the threat of Fascism. It is important in that it reflects a growing awareness by sections of the establishment media of the dangers posed by Trumpism to bourgeois norms. They are rightfully concerned. It seems, that Gellman has a fairly clear understanding of what Fascism is and where it comes from. Of course, this understanding completely falls apart in the last third of his editorial, where he presents his “only solution” to this growing threat. And that solution is an alliance between moderate Republicans and Democrats to stop Trump and restore some sanity to the system.

NOTE that this is the EXACT position taken by the "Republicans for Democrats" as represented by the OP-ED by former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman and a fellow Republican disserter --- "Republicans should vote Democratic to destroy Trumpism" --- but they are quick to emphasize support for "Moderate" Democrats -- seems the Republicans want to make sure that corporate Democrats maintain a veto power over "too much" progressivism in the Democratic Party (even though that Progressivism is tame even bv European social democratic standards!)
 Since the 2016 election, there has been much disagreement over where Trumps support came from. Was it mostly from a white working class motivated by racism and hostility to liberalism or was it more of a petit-bourgeois movement motivated by its narrow class interests? The obvious answer is that it was both. Nevertheless, it is high time that we answer the question; is the white working class in America irredeemably racist or not? We on the left have often argued against that proposition, but the truth is, we have no idea.

In fact it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to have an idea!   We will only know if the white working class is irredeemably racist until time passes to SEE if it is "irredeemable" ---  The real question is do we THINK the white working class is irredeemably racist and therefore ACT as if it were --- or do we have hope that the glimmers of black-white cooperation that emerged for a time in the (pre-1896) Populist movement in the South and in the organizing of the CIO during the Great Depression --- or in the early phases of the Civil Rights movement.
But we need to know, and time is running out. If it's true (that the majority of white workers are irredeemably racist) then the socialist project for the US is a hopeless illusion. If it is wrong however, then we are running out of time for American workers to engage in independent political action in order to realize their own strength and gain class awareness.

My view --- we must ACT as if working class unity across the color line is possible and utilize every tool we have (admittedly not much) to foster that sense of unity by speaking to the commonality of interests --- attempting to foster class consciousness.
I am of the belief that Trumpist-Fascism does in fact, present an immediate threat to bourgeois democracy and all that goes along with it; civil rights, trade unions, free speech, etc. The Democratic Party, including its so called “progressives” are incapable of stopping the right-wing onslaught currently being led by Trump.

My caveat -- by themselves they are incapable but even a small but determined labor movement can play a major role.  Remember there was talk of calling a general strike if Trump stole the election --- (and when Trump and Pelosi had a faceoff about a government shutdown, the airline unions began to consider going on strike to shut down air travel until the government reopened).   That talk must be revved up --- and wholesale civil disobediance must be contemplated.
Either a united working class will lead an independent movement, or some form of authoritarian dictatorship will be running the US in the very near future. Some will say I am being alarmist and misreading the tea leaves. I think not.

I say you are not alarmist --- you are correct. 
So now we come to the age-old question; what is to be done? What can the small number of people that call themselves leftist or Marxist do to build an independent working-class movement that unites all people around a class-conscious program? It does seem that it has all been tried before with short-lived or unproductive results.

"Nothing works so everything should be tried!!   (Louis' long time friend Paul Buhle)
Even if that is true, it must be tried again. I envision something that combines the political program of a left labor party with the militant tactics of the Yellow Vest movement. Where would a movement like this come from? It must come from the people on this list, trade union activists who are not wedded to the Democratic Party,

I think there are plenty of people "in" the Democratic Party who are not "wedded" to it --- I count myself among those but I also think Bernie and the progressives in the House are like that .... HERE, I know I am committing heresy on this list ---- I know that --- we've been round and round on this before so I apologize to my comrades who disagree!  The point is we need people OUT or INSIDE the Democratic Party who are not "wedded" to the corporate agenda ....
whatever Marxist organizations still exist in the US, leftist intellectuals (Chris Hedges and others like him), independent activists... all those who understand that only a united and independant movement of the working class can prevent dictatorship.
NOT sure about the "independent" limitation --- 
An organization called “Workers United Against Trumpism” (or something similar) must be created and all efforts made to turn this group into a mass organization before 2024.

Very tough assignment --- but certainly trying to get a "Workers United Against Trumpism" meme going through the media and the various local actions that are occurring (Steven Colatrella posted something asking whether there is a kind of "silent General Strike" going on under our noses!) would certainly be in order....
I hope this proposal sparks a discussion and eventual agitation and organization.
Thank you.


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