Re: Al Jazeera on a likely Trump victory in 2024

Roger Kulp

In response to Michael Meeropol,

The Democrats have been a right wing party ever since the crashing defeat of George Mc Govern,and the breakup of the old Great Society coalitions. Reactionaries like Clinton, Obama, and Pelosi  have only accelerated this move to the right. Every time anybody progressive, from Jesse Jackson, to Dennis Kucinich, to Nina Turner stands any chance of winning an election, their campaigns are sabotaged by any number of dirty tricks from the party establishment, that would give old Tricky Dick pause. To say nothing of  the likes AOC, and others in The Squad, who reposition themselves sharply to "the center" once they get into office, and reveal themselves as the career climbing opportunists they truly are. Any Marxist who works for the DSA, otherwise known as the left wing of the Democratic Party, is being played for a sucker if they believe this is a pathway out of the capitalist/imperialist hellhole we find ourselves in.

There I said it.

The only reason I can think of a Marxist might cheer on a second Trump term, is by advancing the accelerationist argument, that a second Trump term might bring us closer to the circumstances that would foment revolution, and/or radicalize enough liberals into becoming Marxists. We can argue back and forth all day whether this is a viable tactic or not, but that is a topic for anther thread.

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