Re: Adolph Reed : The Entire United States Is Now the Reichstag Building

Michael Meeropol

I am going to recommend a new book I had the pleasure of discussing on a zoom book launch --- it's called LOOKING OVER THE ABYSS, THE US and Europe Beyond Capitalism and its by Steven Colatrella, an American academic based in Northern Italy (some of the chapters were originally lectures delivered in Italian).  It is a highly readable philosophical, economic and political analysis of the similarities and differences between the US and the EU as it relates to the failures of neoliberalism and the differences of the role(s) of the STATE in both capitalisms -- 

His analysis of strong men like Trump, Bolsonaro, Berlusconi, Modi, Edogan, etc. agrees with the most recent post that people like me who consistently claimed Trump represented an incipient fascism were wrong -- the best analogy Steven came up with was to Marx's pamphlet THE 18th BRUMAIRE OF LOUIS BONAPARTE --- Louis Napoleon (later Napoleon III) was treated like a clown by the press when he first emerged on the scene --- and Marx does make the joke that history repeats itself once as tragedy, two times as farce --- but neither Trump, nor Modi, etc are laughing matters --- They represent not a SERIOUS repression of a strong working class as did Hitler and Mussolini (and Franco) but a FAIILURE of the ruliing class (or any class) to be strong enough to seize the reins of power.   Neoliberal failures (big time -- like the crash of 2008-9 and the double dip in the EU and the painfully slow "recovery" in the US) have delegitimized the US and EU ruling classses.   The rise of Trump et al is a symptom of the FAILURE of any class to take control --- That was Marx's analysis in the 18th BRUMAIRE and Steven shows with quotations and development of Marx's ideas how much they parallel today in so many countries.

Steven's interesting solution is that the sharply divided working class in the US --- the professiionals and intellectuals who tend to vote Democratic and the (white) blue collar workers who are disgusted by some of the policies advocated by the "professionals" (the Ehrenreich's PMC for those who remember the 1980s) need to come back together and recognize themselves as all working class with the necessity of gettiing beyond capitalism before it destroys the world.   (But this is difficult as the policies supported by the Democrats and professionals --- such as so-called "free trade" agreements which led to de-industrialization --- damage the blue collar workers who respond (some) by being willing to throw their lot in with the likes of Trump.  RESULT -- the potential allies within the working class are at each others' throats and though the capitalists may be "uncomfortable" with Trump and Trumpism they are very happy to see the PMC and blue collar workers sharply divided.

Apologies for being long-winded but I urge folks to buy (or get your library to buy) STeven's book -- It's published by Africa World Press -- the US address is Suite B, 541 W. Ingham Avenue, Trenton, NJ. 08638.

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IMO there is in fact a political crisis almost as severe in its way as the environmental crisis.  But the agenda of seizing absolute power has IMO no coherent strategy for consolidating that power.  So what we are facing is not fascism, with its totalizing aim of controlling the thinking of all citizens as they are integrated into an organic, all-encompassing state, but political collapse.

FINAL NOTE FROM MEEROPOL --- I totally agree with this post ... thanks!!! 

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