Re: Woke Capital: A Dialectical History

hari kumar

Hello Mark:
I confess that I stopped watching this at about 16 minutes. (how much time does one have on this mortal coil?).
Round about the time that the fervent presenter is going on about Cage's silent piece and the Marcel Duchamp urinal. Isn't this quite literally taking the piss? Or perhaps he is himself a 'shit-poster'?

I mean the psychology of an person (I was tempted to just the term idiot - but decided this was pre-judging)  who posts something that has been completely plagiarised-copied, is pretty difficult to figure out without a meeting with this person.
And admittedly, she/he has achieved one of their (putative) purposes - a bit of attention. This is now several posts into discussion of this original message.  

I think the whole issue of the distraction of 'modern' 'abstract' art (let us be charitable and accept the term 'art') is indeed far more interesting. Why was it promulgated and put forward? Why is it still so promoted?

Anyway, a bit of a side-step from the issue. May I suggest if there are further discussions arising from this strand that it be labelled with a different label than that it is christened with from the plagiariser!
Cheers Hari 

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