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Thanks. Another piece is at Berlin Left (link below quotation), and goes into the late right tun of Theodorakis a bit more:
By the 1990s, his political orbit brought Mikis into the government of the right wing Konstantinos Mitsotakis. Although this collaboration didn’t last, it was a big disappointment for the left rank and file, which felt betrayed. Collaboration with the right wing was not introduced by Theodorakis but by the unified “Synaspismos of the left” in 1989, when they formed a coalition government with the right wing party. Mikis did not invent these collaborations, he only pulled to the edge strategies that the reformist parties had already practiced.

In the following years he had a couple of brilliant moments, opposing NATO’s wars in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). During the “squares movement” of 2010 in Greece he intervened and founded an initiative called “Spitha” (spark). He had his dark moments as well, most notorious his involvement in nationalist protests against North Macedonia. But in any case, his role in the political life had diminished.

To whom does Mikis belong? The life of Mikis Theodorakis has been full of controversies and zig-zags but his musical work was not. His songs transcend them and constitute a kind of national and global heritage, they are great art. But they are art that speaks for those from below fighting against those from above. This is the main reason why the attempts of the right wing to connect with Mikis’s legacy are illegitimate."

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