Re: Dave Zirin: You Can’t Separate Sports and Politics | Alex N. Press | Jacobin

Michael Meeropol

I personally think that the example of the MLB Players' Association is a fabulous argument in favor of militant unions.   And I bet with a very brief piece of information about the rate of exploitation in MLB (billions forever for owners --- millions, even tens of millions for a VERY BRIEF time period for players ---) American workers with much lower incomes will recognize that it was SOLIDARITY which got MLB players the high incomes they have now ---- they may be the ONLY Union in history where NOT ONE MEMBER ever crossed a picket line ....

That should be trumpeted to all workers to show the value of unions.

(also, a bit of history -- baseball began as a working class game -- and up until the beginning of free agency, lots of baseball professionals, even stars, had to have winter jobs!)

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